Title:Weeping Willow - a Hunger Games Fan Film

IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Action Adventure Short

Director: Annie Poling

Actor: Katherine Hundven Mary Elworth Nicole Moriarty Peter Lama

Runtime: 20 min

Released: 31 Dec, 2014

Country: USA

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Weeping Willow - a Hunger Games Fan Film: When Willow is picked for the 52nd Hunger Games, her brother Tristan chooses to volunteer so she does not have to face the games alone. As they struggle through the arena, they both must come to terms with the fact that only one of them can make it home. The 52nd Hunger games was chosen as the setting for the fan film because canon has not covered this area of 'history', allowing for an original script with it's own story and original characters inside the Hunger Games world. None of the characters exist in the books or movies.
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