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Genres: Drama

Director: Serif Gören

Actor: Ahmet Koç Enver Dönmez Lütfü Engin Nizam Ergüden Osman Alyanak Tuncel Kurtiz Yilmaz Güney

Runtime: 100 min

Released: 13 Apr, 1985

Country: Turkey

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Umut: "Umut" is the story of an illiterate man and his family, whose existence depends on his income as a horse cab driver. When one of his horses is killed by an automobile, and when it is clear that neither justice nor charity will prevail, the man, played by Güney, begins a slow slide into despair. On the advice of a local holy man, and fuelled by an indefatigable optimism, he sets out into the desert in quest of a mythical lost treasure, slipping further and further into that final, ineluctable moment where hope itself becomes the last terrible delusion.
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