IMDB:5.2IMDb Rating

Genres: Thriller

Director: Jason Chong


Runtime: 0 min

Released: 30 Nov, 2012

Country: Malaysia

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Ular: Myra an entertainment journalist has been assigned to cover a story of a group who won a vacation at an island resort. Myra, accompanied by her cameraman, Remy soon realises that something is amiss when guests and staff from the resort start disappearing... one by one. The horror started the night Aziz the resort owner, and his wife Rohani threw a BBQ party for the guests. Feeling a little amorous during the BBQ party, JC and Boy sneak off into the jungle through what used to be an electric fence, to be alone. They mysteriously disappear, and this causes Rambo, Aziz's assistant to panic, especially when he discovers that the electric fences have failed, and are no longer able to act as a barrier protecting the resort's compound. Remy overhears a conversation between Aziz and Rambo and tells Myra what he heard. Myra's investigative nature leads them to discover the reality of them being trapped on an island infested with deadly snakes. "Ular" illustrates human reaction when faced ...
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