Title:The Third Wave

IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Adventure Documentary Drama

Director: Alison Thompson

Actor: Bruce French

Runtime: 94 min

Released: 11 Sep, 2009

Country: Sri Lanka USA

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The Third Wave: A volunteer film. Four independent volunteers with little money and no experience race off to volunteer in tsunami ravaged Sri Lanka . They meet up at the Colombo airport by fate, rent a van, fill it with supplies and start driving down the coast to see where they can help. They stumble into Peraliya, a tribal village which has been totally destroyed by a 40 foot wave overturning a train and killing over 2500 people. No-one is there helping so they set up a first aid station and find themselves in charge of a refugee camp with over 3000 people. A two week journey turns into a year long odyssey of heartbreak and hope as the villagers slowly begin to turn against them when the worlds donated tsunami money doesn't materialize. The volunteers push on through the death threats and break every rule in the 'Disaster Aid Books'. Everyone is needed : no skills required.
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