Title:The Son of the White Mare

IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Adventure Animation Fantasy


Actor: György Cserhalmi Gyula Szabó Mari Szemes Vera Pap

Runtime: 81 min

Released: 22 Oct, 1981

Country: Hungary

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The Son of the White Mare: The Son of the White Mare (Fehérlófia)is a Hungarian animated movie made in 1981. It is the second feature-length cartoon of Marcell Jankovics, and PannóniaFilm...The story's main character is Fehérlófia (Son of the White Mare), who is a man with superhuman power. He is born as the third son of a horse, and he's gained his power by suckling the horse's milk. He listened to old tales, mostly about the Forefather and the end of his reign, caused by evil dragons. After the horse's death, Fehérlófia decided to search and destroy the dragons, who seized power over the world. He met his two brothers, Kőmorzsoló (Stonecrumbler) and Vasgyúró (Ironkneader), who are also have superhuman abilities....
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