Title:The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear

IMDB:8.0IMDb Rating

Genres: Documentary

Director: Tinatin Gurchiani


Runtime: 97 min

Released: 30 Nov, 2011

Country: Georgia

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The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear: A filmmaker puts out a casting call for young adults, aged 15- to 23. The director wants to make a film about growing up in her home country, Georgia, and find commonalities across social and ethnic lines. She travels through cities and villages interviewing the candidates who responded and filming their daily lives. The boys and girls who responded to the call are radically different from one another, as are their personal reasons for auditioning. Some want be movie stars and see the film as a means to that end; others want to tell their personal story. One girl wants to call to account the mother who abandoned her; one boy wants to share the experience of caring for his handicapped family members; another wants to clear the name of a brother, currently serving a jail sentence.
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