view American Ultra (2015)
A hellishly bizarre parade of magic and carnage... Young Roscoe finds a portal to another world where he is taught magic by an elder demon known as Dimwos. The demon raises the boy into manhood, revealing to him many things... except for one dark secret. When Roscoe discovers the secret withheld from him all these years, his anger inadvertently unleashes three malevolent demons. Roscoe flees the demons\' wrath by escaping through the portal, drawing the demons to discover our world for themselves. Once they pass through, a nightmarish foray of monsters is unleashed. One demon possesses the minds of all whom she crosses, another transforms a man into a murderous beast, and the other summons an army of the dead to do his bidding.
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IMDB: 3.6

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IMDB: 2.9

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IMDB: 4.4

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