Title:The Clone Returns Home

IMDB: 6.7 IMDb Rating

Genres: Drama Sci-Fi

Director: Kanji Nakajima

Actor: Eri Ishida Hiromi Nagasaku Ken'ichi Yajima Kyûsaku Shimada Mitsuhiro Oikawa Takahiro Hirano

Runtime: 110 min

Released: 19 Oct, 2008

Country: Japan

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The Clone Returns Home : The Clone Returns Home is a compelling meditation on the paradox of life and death, and the meaning of love and family. Set in an imaginary - yet utterly imaginable - future, this quietly provocative film skillfully transposes complex emotional drama into the realm of science fiction by exploring the influence of technology on human memory and experience. Filled with stunning imagery and haunting stillness, The Clone Returns Home deftly combines subtly nuanced sci-fi with a uniquely Japanese perspective on the universal themes of family, life, love, and death.
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