IMDB:3.9IMDb Rating

Genres: Comedy

Director: Brett Heard

Actor: David Collins Donald Faison Jefferson Brown Leah Renee Scott Yaphe Tony Nappo

Runtime: 0 min

Released: 18 Jan, 2013

Country: Canada

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Stag: Ken Andrews (Faison) has been the orchestrator of the hazing pranks at all of his buddies' stags - elaborate, hilarious pranks that have left many emotional scars and a few physical ones. And now today is Ken's stag! He nervously awaits the fate that his pals surely have in store for him, comforted only by the knowledge that Carl (Pat Thornton) will be there to watch his back. That is, so long as Carl can extract himself from the Hollywood celebrity, Veronica (Amurri). Ken will soon discover that payback is worse than he could ever imagine.
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