IMDB:7.3IMDb Rating

Genres: Action Drama

Director: Fariza Azlina

Actor: Eizlan Yusof Normah Damanhuri

Runtime: 0 min

Released: 15 Dec, 2011

Country: Malaysia

view American Ultra (2015)
Songlap: Am (Shaheizy Sam) and Ad (Syafie Naswip) are two brothers who work in the kind of syndicate the rest of the country would love to pretend doesn't exist; Selling babies to married couples who couldn't conceive. The older of the two, Am sees it as nothing more than a job, an opportunity to make ends meet as well as to support his gambling habits. Meanwhile, Ad has high hopes that someday life will give him a break, a chance for him to get out of this life forever. What they're both unaware of is that there's a chain of events waiting just around the corner that will test their relationship to the breaking point.
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