view American Ultra (2015)
An English musicologist discovers an audio tape of ancient, mesmerizing music,called Shrimpcrawl, that leads him south, to the salt marshes of Florida. He finds a remote group that has kept alive the intoxicating \'music of the grass\'. A charismatic leader uses the music and other means to control his followers. Big trouble ensues when the Englishman attempts to tape music. A young ad agency intern from New York is also headed for the marshes, for a fishing trip with his estranged father, an oyster fisherman. They cross paths with the researcher, and questions arise about the father\'s relationship to the clan and it\'s leader. A startling revelation leads to a showdown between those seeking power over others and those discovering power to change themselves.
Blackhat Redemption of the Heart 2015 HD

IMDB: 8.1

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IMDB: 1.9

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