IMDB:6.1IMDb Rating

Genres: Comedy

Director: Juan Villegas

Actor: Gastón Pauls Daniel Hendler Camila Toker Mariana Anghileri Leonardo Murúa Eva Sola Federico Esquerro

Runtime: 72 min

Released: 08 Jan, 2001

Country: Argentina

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One more Saturday in a desolate Buenos Aires hard to recognize. Six young people that try to avoid their solitude by complicating their daily routes, unsuccessfully looking for a glance that changes something or a new sensation that reveals them some sense. A couple used to their common tediousness, a girl who has already decided she wants to be alone, his boyfriend who does not know how to deal with that, a famous actor who does not seem to feel comfortable anywhere and a girl who pretends to get fun without realizing she\'s always bored.
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