Title:Ragged Edge

IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Drama Short

Director: Zack Lawrence

Actor: Cesar Marquez Ken Lawrence Victoria Marquez

Runtime: 11 min

Released: 21 Feb, 2011

Country: USA

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Ragged Edge: Ragged Edge tells the story of Jack Manning, one of the many who have found themselves unemployed due to the difficult economic times. As he struggles to find a job to support him and his daughter, he faces constant difficulties and hardships. Eventually, after losing everything, he is forced to take to the road in search of any kind of work... and the hope to keep going. A chance encounter with the pastor of a church he passes causes him to wonder why Christians don't actively offer more of the hope they claim to have to the lost and hurting like himself. Serving as a "prequel" to the novel In His Steps by Charles Sheldon, set in the modern day, this short film is designed to challenge Christians to actively share their faith, especially with those that they encounter that are hurting and searching for true hope.
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