Title:Nothing I'Am

IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Action Drama Romance

Director: Fabio del Greco

Actor: Simone Dipascasio Fabio Del Greco Rimi Beqiri

Runtime: 75 min

Released: 31 Dec, 2016

Country: Italy

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Nothing I'Am: Vasco, a wealthy Italian real estate developer, lives between vice and luxury, when a killer of organized crime seriously injures him in an ambush. When he wakes up after three years of coma is no longer the same: no longer has any memory of his past, talk to the trees as if they were close friends, avoids the demands of work and luxuries preferring to wander on the beaches. To prevent the collapse of his business empire is sent in search of a cure through Italy, India and the United States, but a planetary cataclysm is lurking ...
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