Title:În fiecare zi Dumnezeu ne saruta pe gura

IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Drama


Actor: Adrian Pavlovschi Alexandru Bindea Ana Ciontea Constantin Draganescu Cosmin Sofron Dan Astileanu Dan Condurache Gabriel Spahiu George Alexandru Horatiu Malaele Papil Panduru

Runtime: 93 min

Released: 07 Jul, 2002

Country: Romania

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În fiecare zi Dumnezeu ne saruta pe gura: Dumitru is a two-faceted killer: he kills animals and called a hunter, and kills people, and branded as an assassin. Dumitru is just out of prison, for the first time since the fall of communism. Even on the train taking him home, he is planning to return to his past practices as he is involved in a blood thirsty card game with some gypsies. The game turns out badly, and one of those making up the table is killed. He starts on a flight again, this time, bound for his home town, where he finds his wife pregnant by his own brother. Blind with a thirst for vengeance, Dumitru commits one more murder that unleashes a sequence of new crimes and makes him into a wanted serial killer. Life becomes a burden that is too heavy for Dumitru who decides to abbreviate his existence. However, he soon discovers he does not hold all power over himself. God has other plans for him and condemns to him to stay alive.