Title:Must Date the Playboy

IMDB:5.2IMDb Rating

Genres: Comedy Romance

Director: Mae Czarina Cruz


Runtime: 120 min

Released: 23 Oct, 2015

Country: Philippines

view American Ultra (2015)
Must Date the Playboy: Tori (Kim Chiu), a hardworking executive assistant, is asked by her boss and childhood best friend Chloe to help her with her playboy ex-boyfriend, Zach (Xian Lim). Tori's task to date Zach, who's still hung up on Tori, to prevent him from ruining her present relationship with Greg. As Tori and Zach keep up their pretense, they learn more about themselves and discover that they are falling in love for real but Chloe realizes that she is still in love with Zach and tells Tori she wants Zach back. Will Tori choose her friendship with Chloe over Zach's love? Will her relationship with Zach be worth risking her friendship and her heart for?
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