Title:Mila from Mars

IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Drama


Actor: Assen Blatechki Veliko Stoianov Yordan Bikov Zlatina Todeva

Runtime: 9191 min

Released: 11 Mar, 2004

Country: Bulgaria

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Mila from Mars: A 16-old girl runs away from a dangerous man and gets into a faraway village near the border. Soon she finds out the only inhabitants there - nine old men and women - make their living by growing marijuana and the village is actually an illegal plantation belonging to the man she runs away from. However, she decides to stay there and nothing remains the same. A girl is afraid of her past, both disgusting and attracting her. She is afraid of her present, both suffocating her and giving her wings. And she is afraid of the future as it projects both her nightmares and her dreams. This film is about the only 'bullet against fear' - love.
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