IMDB: 4.7 IMDb Rating

Genres: Thriller

Director: David Fairman

Actor: Jeff Fahey Jon-Paul Gates Kim Thomson Martin Kove

Runtime: 102 min

Released: 15 Jun, 2007

Country: UK

view American Ultra (2015)
Messages: In England, the American pathologist Dr. Richard Murray still grieves the death of his wife Carol eight months ago in a car crash. He is drinking too much whiskey due to his guilt complex since he had a love affair with a woman when Carol left home, and he has frequent blackouts, forgetting what he has done in the previous drinking night. Meanwhile a serial-killer is attacking women in the location, and the experienced American cop DCI Collins and the psychologist Frances Beale are invited to help the local police in the investigations. When Dr. Murray receives messages from beyond, he meets his friend Father Randall seeking spiritual support and explanation.
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