Title:Mercury Man

IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Action

Director: Bhandit Thongdee

Actor: Erik Markus Schuetz Libby Brien Philip Hersh

Runtime: 2147483647 min

Released: 10 Aug, 2006

Country: Thailand

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Mercury Man: After being stabbed with an ancient Tibetan amulet, a Bangkok firefighter named Chan is transformed into a superhero when his body becomes a massive heat source, which he learns to manipulate to give him super strength, increased agility and the ability to make great leaps.Chan's fate is entwined with an Afghani terrorist, Osama bin Ali, who wants the power of the Tibetan amulet to use in a plot to destroy the United States. With his international terrorist organization, led by henchwoman Areena, Osama kidnaps Chan's mother and transsexual sister and takes them to the Royal Thai Navy base, where he hopes to launch a rocket at a US Navy chemical weapon ship. Osama also has suicide bombers spread out throughout Thailand, ready to act on his word.Aided by the young female guardian of the amulet, Chan rescues his mother and sister. However, he must face Areena, who has stabbed herself with a companion amulet, giving her the powers of extreme cold and ice.
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