Title:Lizzie McGuire

IMDB:6.4IMDb Rating

Genres: Family Comedy Drama

Director: Terri Minsky

Actor: Hilary Duff Lalaine Adam Lamberg Jake Thomas Hallie Todd Robert Carradine Ashlie Brillault Clayton Snyder Kyle Downes

Runtime: 22 min

Released: 29 Dec, 2001

Country: USA

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A completely normal 13-year old girl, living a completely normal life. She goes to a completely normal school, with students, and her best friends, Miranda and David Gorden \"Gordo\". They help her in situations where she is stuck and needs help and depends on them. Her home life is completely stereotypical, with a Nuclear Family that consists of her gnome-loving dad, Sam; level-headed mom, Jo, and bratty brother, Matt.
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