Title:La antena

IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Drama


Actor: Carlos Piñeiro Gustavo Pastorini Julieta Cardinali Ricardo Merkin Valeria Bertuccelli

Runtime: 99 min

Released: 24 Jan, 2007

Country: Argentina

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La antena: A fairytale about the power of the human voice. In a wintry metropolis in the year xxx, the mercilessly bad Mr. TV rules. The whole city is without a voice and he has monopolized word and image. People watch TV and eat the TV meals produced by Mr. TV, and inturn, Mr. TV is working on a sinister plan with a dangerous hypnotic machine that operates through the TV to ensure that all life will be subjected to him forever. To achieve this, he kidnaps the only one who still has a voice: a stunningly beautiful singer. An inventor witnesses the kidnapping and flees with his family to an old broadcasting mast in an attempt to thwart approaching doom
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