Title:Koko i duhovi

IMDB:7.0IMDb Rating

Genres: Adventure Family

Director: Daniel Kusan

Actor: Darko Janes Franjo Dijak Goran Malus Olga Pakalovic Predrag 'Predjo' Vusovic Rakan Rushaidat Zeljko Königsknecht

Runtime: 90 min

Released: 16 Jul, 2011

Country: Croatia

view American Ultra (2015)
Koko i duhovi: A spooky detective story following Koko as he moves from the countryside into a city and meets some new friends, but after getting into trouble he will need to ask for help from his old ones.The appartment he moves into used to belong to Vincek, an old stingy man whose death is veiled in mystery. Do ghosts exist? Will Koko with the help of his friends, both old and new, be able to solve the mystery? and will they find the solution before the adults do?Koko’s little sister Marica, loyal dog Car, his worried parents and wise inspector Krivic all have a part to play in solving the mystery.
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