IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Horror

Director: Monty Tiwa


Runtime: 89 min

Released: 03 Sep, 2009

Country: Indonesia

view American Ultra (2015)
Keramat: Told a story about a group of production of the film that will do shooting in a location in Bantul, Jogjakarta. Kru the film consisted of the Director, Asisten the Director, the Manager the production and 2 main artists, as well as several kru other. The atmosphere that initially liked suddenly to change became horrifying. This was caused because they brought the style of the person of the city to the area that disucikan and the shrine. So as to touch on the invisible life in this area. His peak when the main actor the woman was possessed by the soft spirit and disappeared without the tracks. Could they find and rescue the female actor that this possession? Or the atmosphere was increasingly bad and horrifying?
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