Title:Istanbul Tales

IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Drama

Director: Selim Demirdelen

Actor: Erkan Can Fikret Kuskan Güven Kiraç Idil Üner Ihsan Bilsev Mehmet Günsür Yelda Reynaud

Runtime: 99 min

Released: 11 Mar, 2005

Country: Turkey

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Istanbul Tales: Istanbul Tales is an 2005 Turkish anthology film made up of five segments written by Ümit Ünal and directed by Selim Demirdelen, Kudret Sabancı, Ümit Ünal, Yücel Yolcu and Ömür Atay. Its original Turkish title is Anlat İstanbul which means "Tell me Istanbul". The film tells 5 interconnected stories set in modern day Istanbul mirrored to the famous fairytales Snow White, Cinderella, Pied Piper, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood. Each storyline was directed by a different Turkish director.