Title:Ghosts Of Chillingham Castle

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Genres: Documentary



Runtime: 0 min

Released: 24 Mar, 2008


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Ghosts Of Chillingham Castle: Chillingham castle is a dark foreboding and frightening place with twisting stairways, dark corridors and creepy dank dungeons. Its inner courtyard is one of the most atmospheric backdrops in England. It started life as a 12th century tower house and by 1246 the Grey family were in occupation guarding the border between Scotland and England. 750 years later they are still in occupation.Henry III, Edward I and James I all stayed here. By 1344 Chillingham became the crenalated castle that you see today. Its ghost stories are not new and go back many years. A booklet was written in 1925 by Leonora Tankerville telling of her experiences when she came to live in one of the most haunted castles in Britain.
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