Title:Courage the Cowardly Dog

IMDB:8.4IMDb Rating

Genres: Animation Horror Fantasy Comedy

Director: John Dilworth

Actor: Thea White Marty Grabstein Simon Prebble Lionel G. Wilson Billie Lou Watt Arthur Anderson Paul Schoeffler

Runtime: 11 min

Released: 29 Dec, 1999

Country: USA

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Courage the Cowardly Dog follows the story of the life of a little pink cowardly dog who was named Courage when he was found by Muriel. When he was a baby, one of his vet appointments ended being the last time he saw his dog parents. During that day, while the yet made baby Courage wait in the waiting room, he sent his parents up into space. Then Courage ended up on the streets. Afterwards, a lady named Muriel found Courage and took him home to her home in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas, with her mean, rude, and cranky husband, Eustace Bagge. Courage is always on the watch since creepy, scary, and paranormal events happen in Nowhere, but Courage is always ready to save Muriel and kick some villain, monster, alien, or zombie butts! GO COURAGE!
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