IMDB:5.7IMDb Rating

Genres: Action Drama

Director: Dain Said

Actor: Faizal Hussein

Runtime: 0 min

Released: 10 Sep, 2011

Country: Malaysia

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Bunohan: Adil, a young Muay Thai kick-boxer, has just fled an honor fight-to-the-death. Ilham, an assassin who is also Adil's stepbrother, is promptly hired by the organizer of the death match to kill the fugitive. Looking for somewhere to hide and recover, Adil and a childhood friend take shelter in the Bunohan boxing club where Adil started his career. Ilham, meanwhile, has never been back to Bunohan since the day he left many years ago. Upon returning, memories of loneliness and abandonment flood his mind, and he experiences waves of resentment and regret. Bakar, the third brother, has also come home from the city; ostensibly a respectful schoolteacher, he is in reality a greedy and ruthless person, and is trying to convince his father to sell a burial ground to a construction company.
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