IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Thriller


Actor: Bruce Boxleitner Claudia Cardinal Elias Toufexis Erika Eleniak Noël Burton Victoria Sanchez

Runtime: 94 min

Released: 15 Feb, 2004

Country: Canada

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Brilliant: In a high pressure, high tech research facility on campus' Elizabeth a promising medical student, works along side with renowned neurosurgeaon, Dr.Dietrich in the hope of uncovering drug that would enhance memory. But when Elizabeth awakens one morning to find that seven days have benn stolen from her own photographic memory.The young student soon finds herself throws into a web of industrial espionnage, a myriad of fragmented memories, and a world where everything is suspect. Who can she trust anymore? Her friend, Ricki? Her lover Joel? Elizabeth soon learns that sometimes you can't trust anyone, not even yourself...
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