Title:Breeze Block

IMDB:0IMDb Rating

Genres: Comedy

Director: NA

Actor: Ashley Jensen Berwick Kaler Dale Meeks David MacCreedy Jill Halfpenny Mark Benton Su Elliot Tim Healy

Runtime: 30 min

Released: 04 Mar, 2002


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Breeze Block: Ralph Breeze lives with his wife Iris and children Eric, Carol and Billy in a block of flats in the Byker area of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Ralph has lost his confidence after being made redundant and feels that he is a "stopped clock". As he tries to overcome his paralysis, his wife Iris flirts with his brother Tommy and Tommy flirts with Billy. Eric works as a window cleaner and Carol works for lecherous fishmonger Mr Shields. Billy, encouraged (and pimped) by Uncle Tommy, starts work as a gigolo but is rather unsuccessful as he falls in love with each of his clients.Ralph attends assertiveness classes to help him overcome his condition and, although Iris is supportive, his children - particularly Eric - are pretty indifferent to the point of cruelty (all for comic effect).
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