IMDB:7.0IMDb Rating

Genres: Drama

Director: Konstantin Bojanov

Actor: Bojka Velkova Elena Rainova Iossif Surchadzhiev Martin Brambach Nikolai Urumov Svetla Yancheva

Runtime: 86 min

Released: 17 May, 2011

Country: Bulgaria

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Ave: Plot: Kamen (Ovanes Torosian) is hitchhiking by the side of the road when he meets Avé (Angela Nedialkova). Both are trying to get to Ruse on the north eastern Bulgarian border, so, despite Kamen’s hesitation, it makes sense that they share rides. Once they are in a car together, Kamen is shocked when Avé begins to make up stories about him as if they have known each other all their lives. The further they travel together, the more extreme her lies become, yet although he makes clear his rising anger he can’t seem to get rid of her.
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