Title:Armies of the Old World

IMDB:6.8IMDb Rating

Genres: Sci-Fi Short

Director: Ismail Kemal Ciftcioglu


Runtime: 28 min

Released: 04 Jul, 2011

Country: Turkey

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Armies of the Old World: Sargon is a skilled soldier who fights in an eternal war which he doesn't even remember the beginnings of. In this vast battlefield beyond space and time, his only enemy is a great warrior called 'the Executioner'. A battlefield with unlimited weapons and full of cunning mind games; Sargon can't dominate the Executioner. He believes that the Executioner has some mystical power over time and space. If he can harness this power, he will be able to end this war for good. But the terrible truth about this eternal war is that it is connected to the world we live in. And he must grow in experience to remember everything he needs to defeat the Executioner.
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