Title:Alamak toyol

IMDB:4.0IMDb Rating

Genres: Comedy


Actor: Adeline Tsen Afiq Izzudin Along Cham Angah Raja Lawak Hamid Gurkha Tyzo Tuah Yang Kassim

Runtime: 85 min

Released: 03 Nov, 2011

Country: Malaysia

view American Ultra (2015)
Alamak toyol: Pak Umar needed a way to get rich quick, so he bought an imp (toyol) from a witch doctor. However, he didn’t have much money, so he chose the cheapest one. One day, Fakhrul and Kudin, two best friends who just so happen to be thieves, decide to rob Pak Umar. Having no money, he hands them the imp. Unfortunately for the two friends, the imp isn’t any good at stealing, so they decide to seek out Pak Umar to return the imp. However, after some desperate pleading from the creature, they allow the imp to have another go. Little do they know that the imp would steal from Farah – a girl who is having trouble with a drug trafficker named Daniel. Fakhrul and Kudin end up having to help Farah, while at the same time trying to trace Pak Umar.
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