Title:A Shameless Revenge

IMDB:4.2IMDb Rating

Genres: Thriller

Director: Shawn BurkettCorey A. Thrush

Actor: Shawn Burkett Lorin Dineen Scott Gillespie Jadie Marie Goodpasture Mike Reeves Kelli Ann Rynders Corey A. Thrush

Runtime: 0 min

Released: 11 Feb, 2013

Country: USA

view American Ultra (2015)
A down and out construction worker from New Jersey, Joe De Luca (Corey A. Thrush), timidly approaches Maria (Lorin Dineen) one night at a local pub ,based on pure attraction. Little did they know that a psychopathic twist on their fairytale story would turn one man\'s dreams of the perfect life into one woman\'s worse nightmares.
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